Table of contents :

  • Laboratory instruments
  • Estimating affinity and kinetics
  • Osmometer
  • Voltammeter
  • Purification
  • Structure modeling
  • Nucleic acid analysis
  • Protein analysis
  • Polyketide synthesis
  • Testing for other molecules

  • laboratory : a place equipped for performing experimental work or investigative procedures, for the preparation of drugs, chemicals, etc.
  • laboratory instruments
  • buffer solutions :
  • Estimating affinity and kinetics
  • microfilter : a filter that removes particles with diameters of 0.1–10.0 mm; used, for example, to remove microbubbles and microaggregates from the blood in cardiopulmonary bypass
  • osmometer : a device for measuring osmotic concentration or pressure.
  • voltammeter : an instrument for measuring both volts and amperes.
  • thromboelastography : determination of the rigidity of the blood or plasma during coagulation, by use of the thromboelastograph
  • purification : the separating of foreign or contaminating elements from a substance of interest.
  • Structure modeling
  • Polyketide synthesis : polyketides are assembled from fatty acids and include the antibiotics rifamycin and erythromycin, and the immunosuppressant FK506

  • Testings for other molecules
  • Web resources : Bibliography :
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