Donation policy of bibliographic materials to the Library of the School of Administration of the UFRGS

The University libraries are focused especially to support the research, teaching and extension of the institution. To ensure the appropriateness of its collection to the needs of such community, the EA Library releases a set of guidelines and criteria for receiving donations. Such measures were taken due to the lack of physical space in the library and the receipt of inappropriate materials and not adequate its needs.

It will be accepted:

  • donations relevant or related to the area of Administrative Sciences;
  • donations fulfilling or supplementing the essential and/or complementary basic bibliographies required in the courses of Administration and Public and Social Administration;
  • donations of books in substitution of fines will be accepted according to the list of titles, with works already selected according to the demand predicted by reservation reports, user suggestions, etc.;
  • donations of scientific journals complementing existing collections;
  • works which have historical value for the institution;
  • rare, classic or precious works;

It will NOT be accepted:

  • donations which have additional requirements for inclusion into the collection;
  • damaged works (torn, missing pages, pierced, with fungus and/or moths);
  • copies of bibliographic materials and other forms of reproduction not authorized, according to Art. 29 of Law 9,610, of February 19th, 1998;
  • non-scientific journals;

Destination of donations:

  • incorporation into the collection or
  • donation or exchange with other institutions;

The Library appreciates the offer of the material and suggests new destinations if the material is not in agreement: public, school and community libraries.