Fernando de Souza Savian

Substitute professor

Takeyoshi Imasato

Director at the School of Administration of the UFRGS

Area coordinators

General Administration
Coordinator: Prof. Guilherme Dornelas Camara
Substitute coordinator: Prof. Ariston Azevêdo Mendes

Public and Social Administration
Coordinator: Profª. Renata Ovenhausen Albernaz
Substitute coordinator: Profª. Luciana Pazini Papi

Coordinator: Prof. Guilherme Kirch
Substitute coordinator: Prof. Guilherme Ribeiro de Macêdo

People Management and Work Relations
Coordinator: Prof. Sidinei Rocha-de-Oliveira
Substitute coordinator: Profª. Ângela Beatriz Busato Scheffer

Coordinator: Prof. Fernando Bins Luce
Substitute coordinator: Prof. Luiz Antonio Slongo

Production and Systems
Coordinator: Profª. Denise Lindstrom Bandeira
Substitute coordinator: Profª. Tania Nunes da Silva

DCA and Faculty

The DCA (Department of Administrative Sciences) is the executive body that aims to achieve the goals of the University, its fundamental purposes being higher education and the production of philosophical, scientific, artistic and technological knowledge, integrated into teaching, research and extension in Administration. It exercises, in the scope of the School of Administration, all the duties assigned to the academic departments under the Bylaws and General Regulations of the University.

Currently, Professor Pedro de Almeida Costa is head of the Department, and Professor Paulo Ricardo Zilio Abdala serves as his substitute.

The DCA has a Faculty, which represents the Department, and has the following functions:

– Assigning research, extension and administration tasks to the Department’s professors;

– proposing to the Board of the School of Administration the admission and dismissal of teachers;

– Deliberating on requests for withdrawal of professors;

– Appointing representatives of the Department in the instances provided for in the School Regulations;

– Appointing names to the Board of the School of Administration for the composition of examination committees of competitive examinations to fill vacancies in the teaching staff;

– Issuing prior manifestations on agreements, covenants and contracts, as well as on the organization of conferences and similar activities;

– Examining and issuing an opinion on the annual report prepared by the head of the Department;

– Promoting the processes of assessment of the performance of professors and development of the disciplines managed by the Department;

– Deliberating on appeals to decisions of professors or the head of the Department.

Teaching staff

Pedro de Almeida Costa (Head of the Department)
Paulo Ricardo Zilio Abdala (Substitute)
Andrea Poleto Oltramari
Christine da Silva Schröeder
Daniel Viana Abs da Cruz
Gilberto Tavares dos Santos
Jaqueline Marcela Villafuerte Bittencourt
Leonardo Granato
Maria Beatriz Rodrigues
Rafael Kruter Flores

Main Administrative Technician

Deputy Administrative Technician


Técnico-administrativo titular
Gustavo Andrada Bandeira

Técnico-administrativo suplente
Leonéia Hollerweger