COMPESQ – Research Committee

COMPESQ - Research Committee

Assignments and members

The Research Committee (COMPESQ) has the following assignments:

  • Approve plans, programs and research projects, as well as monitor and evaluate their implementation;
  • Propose actions related to research activities to the EA Council;
  • Issue opinions on covenants, agreements and contracts involving research activities to be performed by EA;
  • Organize and disseminate information on research-related events, as well as study publishing opportunities, scholarship and grants, contests, awards, and funding of plans, projects, and research programs;
  • Exercise other assignments related to the promotion, dissemination, evaluation and control of research in the EA.

It has the following composition:

Raquel Janissek-Muniz (Coordinator)
Renata Ovenhausen Albernaz (Substitute coordinator)
Luciana Pazini Papi
Maria Beatriz Rodrigues
Guilherme Ribeiro de Macedo

Research projects

Click to access the list of ongoing research projects in EA (in Portuguese).



Intellectual production (IP)

Access the material prepared by the Library of the School of Administration (in Portuguese).