Extension Committee and Pro-Rectory of Extension


The Extension Committee (COMEX) is responsible for organizing, by December 31 of each year, the proposal of extension activities for the following year, considering the extension projects planned by the Administrative Sciences Department and CEPA. COMEX proposes to the Council of the School of Administration the extension activities approved by the committee.

The Extension Committee is also responsible for:

  • Issuing opinions on plans, programs, projects of extension, advisory, consulting projects and agreements;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of plans, programs and extension projects developed at the School of Administration;
  • Organizing, with technical advice of the Library, the publication of information bulletins and reports with technical information produced by the School of Administration;
  • Organizing information, procedures and options for financing plans, projects and extension programs by public and private, national and international institutions;
  • Performing other attributions relevant to the promotion, dissemination and control of extension.

The EA Extension Committee is comprised of:

Julice Salvagni (Coordinator)
Daniela Francisco Brauner (Deputy Coordinator)
Ana Mercedes Sarria Icaza
Fernando Bins Luce
Luiz Antonio Slongo
Marcia Petinga Irala (Representative of technical administrators in Education)

Pro-Rectory of Extension of the UFRGS - PROREXT

PROREXT (Pro-Rectory of Extension) is responsible for establishing social and cultural relations with different segments of society, composing part of the great educational task entrusted to the University, based on the integral formation process of students. In the dialogue with the community, it seeks subsidies that allow providing permanent answers to its demands and desires, reiterating the institutional social commitment as a way of insertion in actions to promote and guarantee democratic values of equality, social development and inclusion.

Extension actions in the area of culture, education and inclusion are valuable tools to create, in the society itself, learning environments and multidisciplinary groups demanded by the new socio-educational reality. As a reflection of classrooms and research laboratories, the Extension has the possibility of proposing and performing interdisciplinary projects inspired by solidarity and the inclusion of marginalized sectors, so that the profound political task of the University consists in its contribution to the growth of different social sectors.

The PROREXT is responsible for:

  • Formulating a diagnosis of the issues related to the Extension in the University;
  • Elaborating action policy proposals in Extension and coordinating the activities of bodies responsible for its implementation;
  • Coordinating programs of development, scholarships, exchanges and spread of the Extension;
  • Stimulating and articulating the academic units for the development of multi and interdisciplinary activities.