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South Africa takes over as AU chair


Via: Aljazeera

The African Union (AU) has wrapped up its annual summit, with leaders pledging that the 55-member bloc will play a greater role in resolving protracted conflicts and work to unlock the continent’s economic potential. Tackling issues such as gender equality, climate change and boosting commerce through the creation of a new continental free trade area are also high on the AU agenda for 2020. Keeping with the summit theme of Silencing the Guns, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke of an Africa “that is prosperous and at peace with itself” as he took over as AU chair from his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

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African countries are building a “green wall” to combate climate change in the Sahel-Sahara region

Via: The African Exponent

The Great Green Wall of Africa, a plan endorsed by the African Union, is a determined effort to plant a stretch of trees across the continent, covering the whole Sahel-Saharan region from Senegal (West Africa) to Ethiopia (East Africa). This pioneering green movement is aimed at covering 8,000 km with natural wonder covering the entire width of Africa. It is currently 15% underway. The overall mission is to bring life back to Africa’s massively degraded landscapes. So far, the project has received $4 billion and encompasses concerted effort from 21 African countries.

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African Union suspends Sudan over military crackdown

Via: Al Jazeera

The African Union announced on Thursday, June 6, the suspension of Sudan from the organization, alleging violation of the country constitutional law. According to the African Union, Sudan is suspended until the formation of a civilian led government. The announcement came after a military crackdown againts protesters in the capital Khartoum, which killed dozen of people. The protesters were asking for the formation of a civilian led government by the Transitional Military Council, that came into power after a coup againts Omar-al-Bashir. .

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